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By | October 20, 2016

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Movie: Parasyte Part 2
Romaji: Kiseiju Kanketsu Hen
Japanese: 寄生獣 完結編
Director: Takashi Yamazaki
Writer: Hitoshi Iwaaki (manga), Ryota Kosawa
Release Date: April 25, 2015
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan


Serial rapist Uragami is called to identify parasites among humans; he is unable to correctly identify Shinichi Izumi. A few months after the events of the previous film, Shinichi continues to track down and kill the parasites who terrorize the human world for food. He learns that he is being tracked by a reporter, Shiro Kuramori, who attempts to publish the story about the parasite who infects his right hand, Migi, following the tip of the parasite Ryoko Tamiya, with whom he plans to propose. Tamiya meanwhile, has given birth to her human son and slowly learns how to become a mother. She is furiously protective of her baby and even kills her fellow parasites when they threaten him.

Despite Shinichi’s urging to stop involving himself, Kuramori further records his conversation with mayor Takeshi Hirokawa, who secretly heads an organization composed of parasites. Hirokawa orders the parasites to kill Kuramori, but they are only successful in killing his daughter. Swearing revenge, Kuramori kidnaps Tamiya’s son and calls her to a park so she can see him kill the baby. Despite Tamiya and Shinichi’s attempts to convince him otherwise, Kuramori almost throws the baby, which earns him death at the last second at Tamiya’s hands. The police who are called to the scene fatally injures Tamiya, but she is able to present the baby to Shinichi, asking him to care for him.

At the same time, a secret service team evacuates the town hall upon discovering Hirokawa’s true alignment. They are able to kill nearly all of the parasites as well as Hirokawa himself, who states his distrust of humans despite being human himself before dying, with the aid of Uragami, but the remaining parasite, Goto, whose body contains five parasites, massacres the team and begins his pursuit of Shinichi. Cornered at a forest, Migi sacrifices himself to delay Goto long enough for Shinichi to escape.

Shinichi mourns for Migi at an abandoned building and is comforted by his girlfriend, Satomi Murano. After having sex, Shinichi discovers to his surprise that Migi resurfaces back at his right hand, thanks to his body being infected with Migi’s particles in the previous film. He lures Goto to a disposal facility and is able to fatally injure him. While at first reluctant in killing him, Shinichi ultimately decides to destroy Goto by throwing him into the fire. Returning back home, Migi tells a dismayed Shinichi that since the parasites have died down, he wants to hibernate and achieve an evolution, presumably up to the point where the two will never be able to see each other again.

A few years later, Shinichi and Satomi visit the now toddler son of Tamiya, who is named Taiki Tamiya. As the two leave the scene, Uragami appears, kidnaps Satomi, and takes her to a roof. He states his belief that humans are the real monsters and asks for Shinichi’s opinion, since he is certain that the latter is still a parasite. However, with Satomi’s encouragement, Shinichi defies Uragami’s opinion and successfully saves Satomi from being thrown—with his right hand.

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